Margin Loan Interest Rate and Loan Limit



Daily Margin Loan Interest Rate

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  • * Margin loan interest rates are subject to market conditions.
  • Margin Loan Interest Rate
  • Margin loan interest is calculated in hours when a loan starts and accumulates automatically into the total debt. Repaying a margin loan includes the repayment of the principal and interest. HTX adopts dynamic margin loan interest rates and adjusts them based on the current market conditions. As your Prime level increases, the margin loan interest rates you can enjoy decreases.
  • Hourly margin loan interest = Loan principal * Daily margin loan interest rate / 24 hours
  • Margin Loan Limit
  • The margin loan limit refers to the maximum tier of the amount that a user can borrow. The loan limit is determined based on the user's Prime level, with higher Prime levels corresponding to higher limits.
  • A user's maximum loan amount is determined by the minimum value between the borrowable amount calculated based on the collateral value in the user's account and the loan limit.